Hi, I’m Hannah and welcome to Baby Bundle UK
The original Baby Bundle marketplace.

This marketplace is designed for you to be able to buy & sell new, pre-loved baby clothes and more.
Most of the clothes in these bundles have never been worn and are in perfect condition, some even with tags still attached.

Baby Bundle Second Hand

Second hand is no longer second best

I had my beautiful daughter, Bowie, in 2019 and like a lot of mamas-to-be I was shocked at how many gorgeous clothes and accessories she was gifted, which she never ended up wearing.

This was partly due to the seasonality of the clothes but mainly down to how damn quick these babes grow! I was therefore left with bags of immaculate baby clothes, going to waste.

When looking for somewhere to sell I found a lot of second-hand accounts but discovered there was nothing focusing on selling bundles.

I was interested in selling bundles for these two reasons:

  • Time! Who has the time with a baby, kids, work, house, dog, life; to sell on individual baby items?
  • Value of a bundle compared to selling individually.

With no bundle accounts available, the baby clothes stayed in the bags until furlough and lockdown happened.

They say 2020 is the year of change,
the ‘new normal’

With my husband also on furlough and looking to spend extra time with the babe, it gave me the perfect opportunity to start my own baby bundle page on Instagram, and it turns out I’m not the only mama with bags of perfectly good baby clothes and more going to waste.

Within a matter of weeks I had thousands of followers, mama sellers and had sold over a hundred bundles of not only baby clothes but toddler, maternity and nursery accessories too.

Second Hand Baby Bundle

So whether you are selling or buying, sign up now and join this mama-to-mama marketplace.