How to Shoot Your Bundle

Step 1: Location, location, location.

  • Choose the brightest room and take the pictures in natural daylight, avoiding shadows
  • Pick an uncluttered spot with nothing else in the background
  • Take the pictures on a hard surface such as a table or the floor

Step 2: let them take the spotlight

  • Make sure the clothes are in the best condition, clean and not creased
  • Take pictures from above so that the items can be seen clearly

Step 3: order your snaps

  • Main photo: Full bundle laid out clearly 
  • Subsequent photos: Show items in more detail…
    • Decide which items would look good together in the same picture, for example, group the items: leggings, jumpers, tops, etc.
    • Shoot each item individually
    • Take pictures from different angles
  • Final photo: Full bundle stacked in a neatly folded pile (optional)