Returns & Refunds

  1. Baby bundle is not responsible for any returns or refunds
  2. Any refunds must be agreed between buyer and seller
  3. No returns of any items bought on Baby Bundle unless agreed with the seller.
  1. Buyers: If you have any questions about the items you’re buying on Baby Bundle, message the seller. 
  2. Buyers: If you are not happy with your bundle or service you can also report a seller to Baby Bundle.
  3. Sellers: Please describe the items you’re selling clearly and make sure you’re following the selling guidelines.
  1. If a buyer doesn’t receive their item they’re entitled to a refund, unless you can provide tracking information to show that it was delivered. 
  2. If a buyer receives their item and it is not as described, broken, or damaged a refund or return should be discussed and agreed between buyer and seller.